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Selling at Advantage Advantage is free to join and simple to use. You will need fill out the application and open a direct account with Advantage. They will take your books and videos into stock in their distribution center and give you a premium listing on They order from you based on how fast your items sell, and they pay you automatically at the end of every month for anything you've sold. Tens of thousands of people and companies already work directly with Advantage--it's simple, it's profitable, it works!

How do I apply to Advantage?

As Advantage is an online program, they require that you apply using their online application. They do not accept faxed or mailed applications. You can apply for membership in Advantage by visiting their page at the following address: From there, click on the link to Join Now, where you can read the membership details and apply for the program. Please fill in all the required information and make sure you click the "Yes, I Want to Participate" button at the bottom of the third page of the application. You must have the following information in order to apply:

a. You must have an e-mail account.
b. You must have worldwide distribution rights to the titles you enroll.
c. You must be located in North America.
d. You must have copies of your title ready to ship immediately.
e. If your title is a book, it must have a scannable ISBN number.  That is the number that your publisher should have assigned to your book.
f. If your title is a video, it must have a UPC bar code and be shrink-wrapped in its case.

How will you know if your application has been approved?

Once approves your Advantage membership, you will receive an approval e-mail from them. Please do not send any copies of your title until you receive a separate e-mail notification with the number of copies ordered, shipping instructions, and location to send the order. You will receive this e-mail notification within 24 hours of the approval of your application.

How does determine the selling price?
The Amazon selling price is the same as the publisher's list price of the title. In most cases, this is the price printed on the cover of the book or video. However, it is up to you to enroll the title at the list price. Please note that will not be able to accept applications that contain a higher price than is actually listed on your product's cover. If there is not a price printed on the cover, you may choose the selling price of the title.
*Please choose this price very carefully, as it is difficult to change the price once your application has been approved.

When will you receive your first order from
You should receive your first order from within 24 hours of receiving your approval e-mail. This order will include detailed instructions as to the number of copies ordered, the address of the designated warehouse, and detailed shipping instructions.

How many copies will request in their first order?'s first order is generally a conservative one, based on the title's sales history at Usually, the first order is placed for two to five copies.

How will place orders for your title?
When needs to replenish the inventory of your title, they will send you an e-mail notifying you that there is an order waiting for you. At that time, you will be asked to log in to your Advantage account and click on the Check Your Orders icon. By clicking on this icon, you will access all the information you need to find out how many copies to send and where to send them.

How will be able to keep a consistent inventory?
With Advantage, you don't have to worry about their waiting to reorder copies and running out of stock on your titles. Their ordering software anticipates customer demand and will determine both optimal reorder points and quantities for your title. That means when your inventory gets low, their ordering software will automatically send you an e-mail so that they can ensure that copies of your title are almost always on hand and available to "Usually ship in 24 hours." The number of copies they reorder depends on how well your title has recently sold. If it has sold well, they'll order in larger quantities. If sales of the titles have dropped off recently, they may ask for fewer copies in subsequent orders. Please note that when sends you an order, it is important that you fulfill the order promptly so that they do not run out of inventory of your title.

Can you enroll new titles to your account?
Once each new title is available, you can add it to your account via's online application by clicking the "Add Titles" icon.

What's the difference between having your title listed in's catalog and having it enrolled in Advantage?
Listing your title on advantage means that has the minimum amount of information needed to make a title available for sale. In addition, its availability is listed as "Usually ships within 4-6 weeks." Advantage is an additional, optional program you can join that provides added benefits for your title that helps you to increase its selling power (i.e., cover scans, subject classifications, etc.).

Manage all your business at from the Account Maintenance Center. stocks a small quantity (usually fewer than five) of each of your titles When your inventory starts to run low, they will send you an e-mail letting you know that you need to log in to your account, click on your order, and get your shipping instructions. Advantage pays you automatically every month and gives you a complete sales report. As a member, you can always access daily updates on how many copies you've sold, how many they have in stock, and how much money they owe you. With Advantage, you have control over the bibliographic information that customers see.  They will even scan your cover for free.  You can also assign up to ten search words for your titles. These search terms should be consistent with the United States Library of Congress.  Examples of searchable phrases include: Marriage and Divorce Counseling; Family Therapists; Psychotherapy; Counseling; Family Practice, etc. 

How will you get paid? will pay you 45 percent of the list price of the title and automatically send you a check at the end of the month following the month in which copies of your book sold. For example, for books sold in the month of January, they'll send you a check at the end of February.

How do you contact advantage?
The quickest and most effective way to contact them is via e-mail. Please send any questions about the program to:

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